Compliance & Enforcement policy & priorities

The Compliance & Enforcement policy sets out the principles adopted by the AER to achieve compliance with the law and outlines our enforcement powers, functions and strategies.

2019-20 priorities

Our compliance and enforcement priorities for 2019-20 are:

Customer hardship
  1. Ensuring that customers in financial difficulty receive the required assistance, with a focus on the new hardship guidelines.
Life support
  1. Ensuring that customers using life support equipment are protected, with a focus on the new life support rules.
  1. The provision of accurate and timely information:
    1. to AEMO which is critical to ensuring power system security and / or the efficient outcomes in or effective operation of wholesale energy markets; and
    2. to the AER which is critical to the performance of the AER’s economic or market monitoring functions.
Utility meter connected to a house
  1. Support the transition to metering contestability to ensure consumer and market benefits are delivered.
Gas reforms
  1. Implementation of capacity trading markets under the East Coast Gas Reforms and improving gas market transparency through strengthening the Gas Bulletin Board.

Compliance and enforcement policy

The policy explains our approach to promoting compliance with obligations under the National Electricity Law, National Gas Law, National Energy Retail Law and the respective Rules and Regulations. It also provides guidance on how we respond to potential breaches and the factors we may have regard to when deciding whether to take enforcement action.

It outlines how we ensure clarity, consistency and transparency in our approach to compliance and enforcement. It highlights the processes we utilise to maximise the impact and efficiency of our work and it guides the prioritisation of our compliance and enforcement activities.

This policy should be read in conjunction with our compliance and enforcement priorities.

AER Compliance & Enforcement Policy - July 2019