Dispute resolution panel determinations summary

This information is designed for participants who may have an issue and want to seek information as to the process and outcome of similar type matters in the past.

The first table below provides a summary of the disputes in both electricity and gas for scheduling errors.  For probity reasons, a dispute resolution panel is also used for a participant to gain access to the participation compensation fund if AEMO declares a scheduling error, even where the compensation principals and amounts are agreed.  The DRP in those circumstances comprises a single member.  These matters are indexed as request for participant compensation for declared scheduling errors (which includes unexpected scheduling results).  Where AEMO does not declare an error this is a contested hearing and is indexed as such.

The bottom table indexes disputes other than scheduling errors.

Access to more information including the submissions and costs is also available for those matters by using the links provided.

Dispute type Sector Year  Panel
Determination summary electricity and gas - Compensation from participant compensation fund for scheduling errors/ unexpected scheduling results
Multi-party UIGF - participant compensation fund declared scheduling error - spot market claim (panel 1 of 2) Electricity 2012 Peter Gray SC
Infigen UIGF scheduling error - REC claim (panel 2 of 2) Electricity 2012 Michael Black AO QC (chair), Peter Gray SC and Geoff Swier
Synergen Power - participant compensation fund declared scheduling error Electricity 2010 Geoff Swier
AGL- participant compensation fund declared scheduling error Electricity 2010 Greg Thorpe
Simply Energy - participant compensation fund claim declared scheduling error Gas 2010 Peter R D Gray
AGL Sales Pty Ltd and Origin Energy - participant compensation fund declared scheduling error Gas 2010 Peter R D Gray
Macquarie Generation - participant compensation fund  declared scheduling error Electricity 2008 John Clarke QC and Greg Thorpe
Snowy Hydro Ltd v NEMMCO - contested scheduling error Electricity 2006 Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE (chair). Two separate panels.
AGL v VENCorp - contested scheduling error Gas 2009 Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE (chair), Ron Merkel QC and Greg Thorpe


Dispute type Sector Year  Panel
Determination summary electricity and gas - general
Millmerran v NEMMCO (all participants joined) - loss factors Electricity 2008  John Clarke QC
Sithe and Integral - avoided transmission use of system payments Electricity 2003 Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE (chair), Gerald Edward (Tony) Fitzgerald AC, QC and Dr Phillip Williams
Participant fee structure dispute Electricity 2002 Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE
Distribution loss factor clause 3.6.3(c) Electricity 1999 John Clarke QC