Dispute management contacts - Electricity

Dispute management system contacts (DMS contacts)

Current list of DMS contacts. If you do not have a login for the DMS/DMC database website, please email Shirli Kirschner.


Contact Title/Position Location
Acciona Sam Fyfield Manager, Connection Services VIC
ActewAGL Peter Holden Legal Counsel and Board Secretary ACT
ActewAGL Ian Male (Alternate) Manager Legal Compliance and Complaints ACT
AEMO Brett Hausler General Counsel and Company Secretary VIC

Tony Snell (Alternate)

Group Manager Legal VIC
AGL Energy Simon Camroux Manager Wholesale Markets Regulation VIC
AGL Energy Tino Scasserra (Alternate) Corporate Lawyer VIC
Alcoa Nick Eaton Energy Project manager WA
Alcoa Mike Shaw (Alternate) Energy development manager WA
Alinta Energy Michelle Shepherd General Manager Regulatory and Government Affairs WA
Alinta Energy Ashleigh Rhodes Legal Counsel WA
APA Facility Management Brad Evans Commercial Manager NSW
Aurora Energy Marcus Orr (Alternate) Senior Compliance Officer TAS
Aurora Energy Oliver Cousland Company Secretary, Manager Legal Services TAS
Ausgrid Matt Cooper Manager of Asset and Network Planning NSW
Ausgrid Lawrence Bolton (Alternate) Manager of Customer and Low Voltage Planning Policy NSW
BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance David Hiette Lead - Utilities Strategy QLD
Blue NRG Pty Ltd Ross Woodman Manager Compliance and Regulatory Affairs VIC
Blue NRG Pty Ltd Glen Kennedy (Alternate) Operations manager VIC
Callide Power Trading Matthew Kennett Business Manager QLD
Canunda Power Pty Ltd see Engie      
Citipower See entry under Powercor    
CS Energy David Scott Regulatory Analyst QLD
CS Energy Stephen Hoult (Alternate) Group Manager - IPPA and Regulatory QLD
CWP Renewables Ed Mounsey Chief Operating Officer NSW
CWP Renewables Peter Veljkovic (Alternate) Senior Engineer NSW
Delta Electricity see also Sunset Power International Tony Callan General Manager Marketing NSW
Delta Electricity see also Sunset Power International Peter Wormald Manager Regulation, Risk and Strategy NSW
Deutsche Bank AG Lee Newton Head of Markets Compliance Australia & New Zealand NSW
Diamond Energy Tony Sennett   NSW
Dispute Resolution Adviser Shirli Kirschner   NSW
Dodo Power and Gas Pty Ltd Andrew Mair Customer Operations Manager VIC
Electranet SA

Sam Dighton

General Counsel SA
Electranet SA

John Doyle (Alternate)

Senior Legal Counsel

Endeavour Energy Brendon McEntee Industry Liaison Officer NSW
Endeavour Energy Meghan Bibby (Alternate) Quality Improvement Manager NSW
Endeavour Energy Jon Hocking (Alternate) Manager Network Regulation NSW
Energy Australia Ronniet Milliken Compliance Leader Energy VIC
Energy Australia Ralph Griffiths Head of Regulatory Compliance VIC
Energy Brix Australia Corporation Pty Ltd DEREGISTERED   VIC
Energy Queensland, Energex, Ergon Energy and SPARQ Solutions Jenny Doyle

General Manager Regulation and Pricing

Energy Queensland, Energex, Ergon Energy and SPARQ Solutions Trudy Fraser (Alternate)

Manager Policy and Regulatory Reform

Engie (Incl Hazelwood and IPM) Darren Foulds Head of Trading and Portfolio Management VIC
Engie (Incl Hazelwood and IPM) Chris Deague (Alternative) Wholesale Regulations Manager VIC
ERM Power Limited Libby Hawker Head of Regulatory Affairs QLD
Essential Energy David Mattson Group Manager Compliance NSW
Essential Energy Natalie Lindsay (Alternate) General Manager Regulatory Affairs NSW
Essential Energy Brad Supple Regulatory Analyst NSW
Flinders Operating Services Pty Ltd see Alinta Energy      
FRV Services Australia Andrea Fontana Country Manager NSW
General Lighting Services Chris Loton Manager VIC
Goldman Sachs Financial Markets Pty Ltd General Counsel (alternate)   Asia
Hazelwood Power see Engie      
Hydro Tasmania

Kate McKenzie

General Counsel and Corporation Secretary

Infigen Energy Rob McDwyer Senior Legal & Business Counsel NSW
Infigen Energy Jacqui Bruyn Legal & Business Council NSW

Energy Australia Victoria Electricity Pty Ltd Q Energy

Justin Mulder   VIC
InterGen (incl Millmerran Energy Trader Pty Ltd) Tim Crowley Portfolio Manager QLD
IPM Australia Limited see Engie      
Jemena Matthew Serpell Asset Regulation and Strategy Manager VIC
Jemena Erin Chain General Manager Customer Service VIC
M2 Energy Pty Ltd Andrew Mair Regulatory Operations Manager VIC
Macquarie Bank Limited Christopher Dean Associate Director, Compliance NSW
Macquarie Bank Limited Hayley Ericksen (Alternate) Associate, Compliance NSW
Macquarie Generation Peter Shields Regulations Manager NSW
Marubeni Power Services Simon Pilkington Plant Manager NSW
Meridian Energy Lynne Sutton General counsel and company secretary VIC
Meridian Energy James Waldren General Manager Energy Markets VIC
Millmerran Energy Trader Pty Ltd see Intergen      
Origin Energy Jan Prichard Group Manager Revenue and Market Operations NSW
Pacific Hydro Australia Kate Summers Manager Electrical Engineering VIC
Pacific Hydro Australia Joseph Addy (Alternate) Executive Manager, Legal VIC

Pelican Point Power Limited see Engie

Powercor / Citipower Joanne Parry Manager Compliance VIC
Powercor / Citipower Brent Cleeve (Alternate) Head of Regulation VIC
Powerlink Queensland Mark McBride Legal Counsel QLD
Powerlink Queensland Greg Hesse (Alternate) Manager Regulation, Strategies & Development QLD
QEnergy Limited Kate Farrar Managing Director QLD
QEnergy Limited Darren Busine (Alternate) Chief Financial Officer QLD
Red Energy Peter Goonan Market Analyst VIC
SA Power Networks group Damien Harby General Counsel SA
SA Power Networks group Grant Cox (Alternate) Manager Regulatory Affairs SA
SECV (t/a Vic Power) Brett McKenzie CFO and Administration VIC
SECV (t/a Vic Power) Craig Norton (Alternate) Trader Financial Officer VIC
Simply Energy see Engie      
Snowy Hydro Glen Dewing Company Secretary NSW
SP AusNet Susan Taylor General Counsel and Company Secretary VIC
Stanwell Corporation Limited Luke Van Boeckel Manager Regulatory Strategy QLD
Sun Metals Corporation Pty Ltd Kathy Danaher Chief Accountant QLD
Sun Metals Corporation Pty Ltd D Hwang (Alternate)   QLD
Sunset Power International trading as Delta Electricity see Delta      
Synergen Power Pty Limited see Engie      
RATCH (Starfish, Windy Hill WindyFarm and Toora Hill WInd Farms) John-Michael Nielsen Financial Controller QLD
RATCH (Starfish, Windy Hill WindyFarm and Toora Hill WInd Farms) Simon Greenacre General Counsel NSW
RATCH Thomas Mitchell Senior Legal Counsel NSW
Transend Gustavo Bodini General Manager, Customer and Asset Management TAS
Transend Bess Clark (Alternate) Executive Manager, Corporate Strategy and Compliance TAS
TransGrid David Fayyad General Counsel and Company Secretary NSW
Trustpower Limited Richard Barnett Group Manager Risk NZ
Trustpower Limited Peter Calderwell General Manager Strategy and Growth NZ
United Energy Distribution Joanne Parry Manager Compliance VIC
United Energy Distribution Brent Cleeve (alternate) Head of regulation VIC
Waterloo Wind Farms Pty Ltd Lindsay Ward General Manager VIC
Waterloo Wind Farms Pty Ltd Steve Symons   VIC
Yallourn Pty Ltd see EnergyAustralia