AER Strategic Plan 2020-2025 released

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has released its Strategic Plan 2020-2025. The report outlines the agency's purpose, vision, and objectives over the next 5 years. 

The AER exists so that energy consumers are better off, now and in the future.  Our Vision is to be a high performing regulator that:

  • Is independent, open and accountable
  • Builds trust in Australia’s energy system
  • Takes considered risks
  • Ensures the regime is fit for purpose
  • Engages actively with stakeholders. 

The outcomes we aim to achieve with this Strategic Plan are grounded in the COAG Energy Council’s Strategic Energy Plan outcomes: Affordable energy and satisfied consumers; Secure electricity and gas system; Reliable and low emissions electricity and gas supply; Effective development of open and competitive markets; and Efficient and timely investment in networks. 

To support these outcomes, we have articulated 4 key objectives.

We will:

  • Protect vulnerable consumers while enabling consumers to participate in energy markets
  • Effectively regulate competitive markets primarily through monitoring and reporting, and enforcement and compliance
  • Deliver efficient regulation of monopoly infrastructure while incentivising networks to become platforms for energy services
  • Use our expertise to inform debate about Australia’s energy future and support the energy transition.

To our many and varied stakeholders, we are committed to:

  • Proactively engaging and listening to understand their diverse perspectives
  • Clearly communication our decisions and making it easy to engage with us
  • Embracing creative ways of engaging that work for stakeholders, not just us
  • Working in partnership with other energy market bodies and the Energy Council on matters of common interest.


Issued date: 
14 December 2020
AER reference: 
NR 47/20