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Network providers and assets


Network businesses in the National Electricity Market (NEM) are called transmission network service providers (TNSPs) and distribution network service providers (DNSPs).

There are 5 state-based TNSPs servicing each of the states in the NEM, with cross-border interconnectors linking the grid at state borders to allow electricity to flow from one state to another.

TNSPs link generators to the 13 major distribution networks that supply electricity to end-use customers.

The AER is responsible for approving revenue for network services that will allow households and businesses to access the energy they need at the lowest possible efficient cost.


Australia’s gas pipeline networks consist of

  • long haul transmission pipelines that carry gas from producing basins to major population centres, power stations and large industrial and commercial plant
  • urban and regional distribution networks, which are clusters of smaller pipes that transport gas to customers in local communities.

Unlike electricity networks, many gas pipelines face only limited regulation.

The AER fully regulates 10 gas pipelines and networks in states and territories other than Tasmania and Western Australia.

We keep a public register of non-scheme pipelines exemptions that have only light regulation.

The page provides a list of all network service providers, gas and electricity assets, regulated and unregulated, in all states and territories except Western Australia.