Monitoring performance and analysing trends

The AER monitors the performance of wholesale electricity and gas markets and publishes data in reports such as the State of the energy market and the Wholesale markets quarterly.

On this page you can view and download individual charts and data tables from our most recent market performance reports. 

Highlights include:

Electricity Q4 2023

  • Average quarterly prices were lower than the preceding quarter in New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia but higher in Queensland and Tasmania. Prices ranged from $34/MWh in Victoria to $79/MWh in Queensland.
  • South Australia (3) and Queensland (2) experienced 30-minute prices above $5,000/MWh while New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania had none. 
  • There was a record number of 30-minute negative prices (4,327) in the NEM driven by strong solar output. Most of these occurred in South Australia and Victoria.
  • More low-priced capacity was offered than a year ago, but in some regions less was offered than in Q3.
  • Two new fast Frequency Controlled Ancillary Services (FCAS) started in October. FCAS costs remained steady this quarter. Two batteries, a demand response and a gas participant entered the FCAS market. 
  • Base future prices fell significantly in South Australia but remain similar for other regions for 2024 and 2025. 

Gas Q4 2023

  • Average prices were slightly higher than the preceding quarter across all regions, ranging from $10.38/GJ in Victoria to $11.23/GJ in Adelaide.
  • Low downstream market demand and gas generation offset high exports, limiting upward price pressures.
  • Strong gas supply hub trade levels were supported by record transportation quantities won for Q4 on the day ahead auction.

Quarterly settlement residues and settlement residue auction proceeds

This figure presents the amount of settlement residues accrued each quarter against the proceeds of residue auction for the past five years.

Day Ahead Auction - Auction delays

This figure shows auction delays resulting from late data submission.

Day Ahead Auction - Participants Trading

The number of participants each month that have won capacity on pipelines and compressors through the Day Ahead Auction (DAA).

Day Ahead Auction - Quantities won at auction

The quantities of gas transportation capacity won through the Day Ahead Auction (DAA). Quantities shown are the sum of auction products allocated on the facilities and do not necessarily represent the physical volumes of gas actually flowed for each gas day. Capacity is displayed by date of delivery (gas day).

Day Ahead Auction - Number of trades

The number of trades occurring at each auction facility on the Day Ahead Auction (DAA). Capacity is displayed by date of delivery (gas day).

Day Ahead Auction - Range of non-zero prices traded

The price range of capacity won through the Day Ahead Auction (DAA) above (not including) the $0 reserve price, by facility. Capacity is displayed by date of delivery (gas day).