Pricing proposals & tariffs

Electricity pricing proposals & AMI charges

The electricity distribution businesses are required to submit an annual pricing proposal to us outlining proposed prices to take effect from the commencement of the next regulatory year. The structure of the tariffs set out in each distributors annual pricing proposal must match those approved by us in their tariff structure statement. This obligation commenced in 2017 as network tariff reform began to take effect. Distributors' tariff structure statement proposals can be found within their determinations. In 2016, Victorian distributors also submitted advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) charges for our assessment for the last time.

We approve the proposals if we are satisfied they comply with rule requirements and any applicable distribution determination and if all forecasts associated with the proposals are reasonable. The businesses are required to maintain approved prices on their websites.

Gas annual tariff variations

The gas distribution and transmission businesses are required to submit an annual tariff proposal to meet the requirements of their individual access arrangement. We will approve and publish the tariff report if satisfied that the proposed reference tariff variations comply with rule requirements and any applicable access arrangement.

Archived information

Please note, historical pricing proposal and tariff variation information is archived and is available by request via AERinquiry.