Stakeholder engagement

The decisions we make and the actions we take affect a wide range of individuals, businesses and organisations. Effective and meaningful engagement with stakeholders across all our functions is essential to fulfilling our role, and it provides stakeholders with an opportunity to inform and influence what we do. Engaging with those affected by our work helps us make better decisions, provides greater transparency and predictability, and builds trust and confidence in the regulatory regime. This is reflected in our Stakeholder Engagement Framework and in the consultation processes set out for our determinations and access arrangements in the NER and NGR, which we follow in our reviews. You can find out about meetings, public forums and consultation papers for each review on the relevant determination and access arrangement pages.

Throughout our reviews we also have the benefit of advice from our Consumer Challenge Panel. The expert members of the CCP help us to make better regulatory decisions by providing input on issues of importance to consumers and bringing consumer perspectives to our processes.