Application process

The following outlines how we process applications for ring-fencing waivers.

  1. We check the application contains all the information and materials necessary to support it, including in relation to the matters specified at clause 5.2 of the Ring-Fencing Guideline (Electricity Distribution). If the waiver application does not fully comply with clause 5.2, we will notify the DNSP within 10 business days of receiving the application. Upon receiving a validly lodged application, we will commence the assessment process.
  2. We publish waiver applications, along with any calls for submissions and decision documents.
  3. We assess the application as directed by clause 5.3.2 of the Guideline and prepare a draft decision for consultation with interested parties, which we will publish at
  4. After the consultation period ends, we will publish a final decision on the waiver application, including the terms and conditions of any waiver we grant. We will endeavour to make a final decision on each waiver application within 90 days of valid lodgement. In exceptional circumstances, we may modify this waiver process to the extent we consider appropriate and allowed by the Guideline.
  5. In the event that a waiver is granted, we may, at our absolute discretion and at any time, vary or revoke a DNSP's waiver, providing the DNSP a minimum of 40 days' notice that we are considering doing so.

The Guideline requires distributors to establish registers for approved waivers. We may add links to those registers as they become available.

View ring-fencing waivers and applications.

Indicative dates for key milestones in the waiver making process
Milestone Date
Compliance plans and waiver application submission due End of July 2017
Stakeholder submissions on individual waiver applications due 25 August 2017
AER releases its draft decision 18 October 2017
Submissions on draft decision 13 November 2017
AER will release its final decision on Ring-fencing waiver applications Mid-December 2017


Ring-fencing enquiries should be directed to