A Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) must establish and maintain appropriate internal procedures to ensure it complies with its obligations under the Ring-Fencing Guideline (Electricity Distribution).

Compliance plans

DNSPs were asked to conduct a review of their compliance in relation to the Guideline and provide a compliance plan to the AER by the end of July 2017. View compliance plans.

Compliance reporting

Subsequent to the expiration of the regulatory year in which the Guideline commences, a DNSP must submit an annual compliance report to the AER within four months of the end of each regulatory year. View compliance reports.

Compliance breaches

A DNSP must notify the AER in writing within five business days of becoming aware of a material breach of its obligations under the Guideline. Compliance breaches will be published by the AER when available.


Ring-fencing enquiries should be directed to