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Title Type Sector Issuedsort ascending
Decision delayed on consultation and scope for distribution regulatory guidelines Communication Electricity 23 Jun 2006
AER issues new data on electricity transmission congestion News release Electricity 21 Jun 2006
Indicators of the market impact of transmission congestion - Final Decision & Report for 2003-04 Communication Electricity 21 Jun 2006
GridX Power Pty Ltd: Application for NSP exemption - issues paper Communication Electricity 14 Jun 2006
Draft Report - Confidentiality guidelines Communication Electricity 8 Jun 2006
GasNet section 8.21 application - final decision Communication Gas 8 Jun 2006
Australian Energy Regulator issues strategic plan and work program News release Electricity, Gas 23 May 2006
PNG application for authorisation (A40081) - Determination Communication Gas 8 May 2006
Request for submissions on Powerlink's revenue cap application Communication Electricity 3 May 2006
ACCC starts to review Roma to Brisbane pipeline access arrangement Communication Gas 19 Apr 2006
The Australian Energy Regulator and best practice regulation Speech Electricity 6 Apr 2006
GasNet section 8.21 application - Draft Decision Communication Gas 6 Apr 2006
National electricity market quarterly compliance monitoring report Communication Electricity 6 Apr 2006
Electricity regulatory report Communication Electricity 4 Apr 2006
PNG Gas Project - Pre-decision conference minutes Communication Gas 4 Apr 2006
Electricity regulatory report Communication Electricity 4 Apr 2006
Electricity report shows strong transmission investment News release Electricity 3 Apr 2006
Gas and electricity guidelines issues by AER News release Electricity 15 Mar 2006
AER final decision approves Directlink conversion News release Electricity 10 Mar 2006
Directlink Final Decision Communication Electricity 10 Mar 2006