AER Compliance & Enforcement Policy

Statement of approach
Release date: 
13 July 2021


The AER's Compliance and Enforcement Policy sets out how we approach our roles and functions in monitoring, investigating and enforcing compliance with national energy laws – the National Electricity Law and Rules, National Gas Law and Rules and National Energy Retail Law and Rules, and their associated Regulations and Guidelines – and how this contributes to the purpose, vision and objectives set out in our Strategic Plan 2020–25.

This Policy should be read in conjunction with the Compliance and Enforcement Priorities published on our website, which help guide our enforcement work and proactive compliance efforts, and also signal areas where we consider behavioural change in the market is required. Our priorities align with the objectives in our Strategic Plan 2020–25, and are informed by consultation with our stakeholders and the risk based decision making framework set out in this Policy.