AER Stakeholder survey 2011

Stakeholder survey
Release date: 
20 September 2011


The report captures findings from the 2011 Australian Energy Regulator (AER) stakeholder survey.

First dispatched in 2008, the survey assesses stakeholder views about the AER in relation to four areas:

  • Performance
  • Consultation
  • Reputation
  • Communication.

In an evolution from the 2008 survey, this year respondents were able to identify which of the three roles the AER fulfils they wished to provide performance, consultation and reputational feedback on. The three roles were identified as:

  • Role 1: "monitoring, compliance and enforcement under national electricity and gas laws”.
  • Role 2: “preparing for responsibilities under the National Energy Customer Framework (retail law)”
  • Role 3: “gas and electricity network economic regulation”.

This approach enables the AER to determine if stakeholder views on the organisation‟s performance, consultation and reputation differ in relation to each of its roles.

Respondents answered the communication questions in respect the AER more generally.