AER Stakeholder survey 2014

Stakeholder survey
Release date: 
29 September 2014


Stakeholder surveys are a useful tool to seek feedback on our performance. They assist us in identifying what we do well and areas we can improve.

The AER annual report 2013-14 captured the findings from the 2014 Australian Energy Regulator (AER) stakeholder survey.

The 2014 survey was more comprehensive than previous surveys in 2008 and 2011. We added many new performance indicators and clarified the meaning of some existing indicators. Where practicable we maintained a consistent approach to allow for performance comparisons over time.

The first set of questions in the survey was about the AER’s overall performance as a regulatory agency, including key capabilities such as impartiality, transparency and timeliness of decisions.

The survey then sought more specific feedback on three areas of performance, namely engagement, communication and technical capability.