Under the National Energy Retail Law and the National Energy Retail Rules, the AER may carry out a compliance audit or require a retailer or distributor to carry out a compliance audit.

The AER commenced a program of compliance audits in 2017. Details of the specific audits and results are below.


Disconnections Audit

Five energy retailers participated in the audit with respect to provisions around disconnections and compliance with the AER Compliance Guideline.

In conducting the audit, the auditor was required to assess the businesses compliance with the Retail Rules relating to disconnections using a ‘traffic light’ approach.

Under this approach:

  • ‘green’ indicates a level of general compliance and that all or most requirements of the obligation have been met.
  • ‘yellow’ indicates partial compliance and that some requirements of the obligation have not been met.
  • ‘red’ indicates non-compliance and that the obligation has not been met or could not be demonstrated.

Summary templates for each retailer that participated in the disconnections audit