Annual Retail Markets Report 2018-19

Annual performance
Release date: 
27 November 2019


On 27 November 2019, we released our Annual retail market report. This year’s report addresses performance and compliance outcomes in the retail energy market. It is a requirement of the National Energy Retail Law that we publish performance, compliance and affordability information annually. We addressed affordability outcomes in our report Affordability in retail energy markets September 2019, however we have provided an energy price update in this report.

The report covers the territory and states where the Retail Law applies: the ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania (electricity only). Our analysis of pricing and of customer switching also includes Victoria, as part of the National Electricity Market.

Our report provides insight into the average Australian energy consumer and guides us as the regulator to the issues that matter most to customers

Our report features:

  1. An overview of the retail market:
    • Retailers’ customer numbers in residential, small and large business customer markets, by fuel type
    • The percentage of customers on standing and market retail contracts in each jurisdiction, by fuel type
    • Customer switching rates
    • New market developments
    • AER outreach program
  2. Retailer customer service:
    • Call centre responsiveness
    • Complaints
  3. Payment difficulties and hardship:
    • Concessions
    • Energy debt – non-hardship
    • Credit collection
    • Payment plans
    • Hardship programs
    • Disconnections
  4. Compliance and enforcement
  5. Energy price update
    • Trends in median and ranges for standing and market offers
    • Retailer comparison of median and range of offers
  6. Retailer report cards
  7. Appendices
    • Prepayment meters
    • Pricing methodology
    • South Australian service standards
    • Distribution service standards
    • Maps of electricity and gas distribution zones


The report includes the following quick reference infographics highlighting key information:

  • Key facts
  • Retailer report cards
  • Payment difficulties and hardship data by jurisdiction


We have included the underlying data for this report in the documents below. More detailed data can be found in Retail energy market performance update for Quarter 4, 2018-19.


We are aware that some information may not be accessible to some people. Please contact us at or 1300 585 165 if you need information that is not accessible to you.