Reference Group - Customer Information and Engagement

The AER is working on ways to improve the quality and accessibility of information customers receive about energy offers. On 26 September 2017, we released an issues paper to seek information on measures to improve the clarity of information energy customers receive, with a view to making customers more confident to engage in the market and to find themselves a better energy deal.

The issues paper will be followed by further consultation on a draft revised Retail Pricing Information Guidelines, and may result in changes to the information retailers provide to the AER for the Energy Made Easy website, and to the content, format, and presentation of energy offer details on Energy Price Fact Sheets.

As part of the consultation process, the AER has convened a reference group to inform its work on improving the clarity and accessibility of information customers receive about the energy market. The reference group consists of representatives from both industry and consumer advocacy organisations.

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings are held on a fortnightly basis, at least initially, and the AER will publish a record of each meeting below.

Current membership

There are 12 members of the reference group.

  1. ActewAGL Retail
  2. Australian Energy Council
  3. Brotherhood of St Laurence
  4. Consumer Action Law Centre
  5. Consumer Policy Research Centre
  6. COTA Australia
  7. EnergyAustralia
  8. Energy Consumers Australia
  9. Origin Energy
  10. Powershop
  11. Red Energy
  12. Uniting Communities/Uniting Care


Information about what was discussed at the meetings can be found in the record of the meeting.

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