Register of RoLRs

The AER must maintain and publish on its website a register of Retailers of Last Resort (RoLRs). The register must include particulars of each retailer, including whether a retailer is registered as a default RoLR (and if so, the connection points or distribution systems it is a default RoLR for) or an additional RoLR, and what conditions, if any, apply.

The register shows whether an additional RoLR is registered with a 'firm' or 'non-firm' offer. A firm offer is an offer by a retailer to act as an additional RoLR under the terms and conditions outlined in its expression of interest. For example, a firm offer will stipulate the jurisdictions in which the retailer will take on customers, the number and classes of customer the retailer will take on, and any cost recovery arrangements associated with the offer. A non-firm offer does not commit a retailer to accepting customers, but indicates the retailer's interest in being a designated RoLR if a RoLR event occurs. A retailer may propose terms and conditions as part of a non-firm offer, but they are not binding. Prior to any potential appointment of an additional RoLR with non-firm offer as a designated RoLR, the AER will confirm with the retailer whether it is still prepared and capable of being appointed as a designated RoLR.