NEM Summer Readiness compliance bulletin and checklist

Compliance bulletin
Release date: 
8 December 2020


The AER’s NEM Summer Readiness compliance bulletin outlines to market participants our expectations for complying with a number of critical obligations under the National Electricity Rules. The related checklist contains a number of tasks that may assist market participants to achieve compliance. While these documents relate to summer readiness, it is our expectation that participants maintain focus on these obligations all year round.

These documents were first released in December 2019 but have been updated in December 2020 with a minor amendments to account for the 2020 medium term projected assessment of system adequacy (MT PASA) rule change and one clarification regarding compliance with the latest market ancillary service offer.

The information provided in the bulletin and checklist is provided for guidance only and is not an exhaustive list that guarantees compliance. Market participants will need to make a commercial decision about how best to operate, guided by private legal advice, where appropriate.