NEM Summer Readiness compliance bulletin and checklist

Compliance bulletin
Release date: 
20 December 2019


The AER has released a NEM Summer Readiness compliance bulletin outlining our expectations regarding compliance with a number of critical obligations under the National Electricity Rules (Electricity Rules). The related checklist contains a number of tasks which may assist Market Participants to achieve compliance. While these documents have their genesis in assisting participants with summer readiness, it is our expectation that participants maintain focus on these obligations all year round.

The compliance bulletin includes examples of what we consider to be best practice, informed by past compliance reviews including the AER’s Black System Event (BSE) Compliance Report.

In accordance with Action 3.1 of that report, the AER conducted an industry‑wide compliance review of a number of clauses of the Electricity Rules to determine whether there is alignment between Registered Participants’ and AEMO’s expectations in relation to the extent and type of information to be communicated by Registered Participants to AEMO. Responses to this review have informed the AER’s view of best practice regarding compliance with Electricity Rules clause 4.8.1, and these views have been included in the NEM Summer Readiness compliance bulletin.

A key message of the compliance bulletin is that it is essential for participants to provide accurate and timely information to AEMO to ensure it can maintain a secure and reliable power system. We note that the provision of accurate and timely information to AEMO is an AER Compliance and Enforcement priority for 2019-20.

We encourage market participants to check their practices against the identified National Electricity Rule obligations. Please note that this information is provided for guidance only and is not an exhaustive list that guarantees compliance. Market participants will need to make a commercial decision about how best to operate, guided by private legal advice, where appropriate.