The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is Australia’s national energy market regulator. Among other functions, the AER is responsible for monitoring, investigating and enforcing compliance with obligations under the National Electricity Law, National Gas Law, National Energy Retail Law and the respective Rules and Regulations (national energy laws).

When taking enforcement action, we seek to:

  • stop the unlawful conduct of the business in question
  • deter offending conduct both in the specific business and in the industry more generally
  • ensure future compliance with the law
  • encourage the effective use of compliance programs
  • penalise offenders, where warranted.

Each case will be assessed on its own merits taking into account all the relevant facts and circumstances of the matter.

The Compliance and Enforcement Policy sets out the principles adopted by the AER to achieve compliance with the law and outlines our enforcement powers, functions and strategies. The policy should be read in conjunction with our annual compliance and enforcement priorities.

The results of the AER’s compliance activities are published in compliance reports.