Wholesale statistics

The AER monitors the performance of wholesale electricity and gas markets and publishes data from that monitoring in reports such as the annual State of the Energy Market and Wholesale Markets Quarterly report. This page provides the key data series' for these markets; the charts and tables, as well as underlying data that can be downloaded.

Highlights include:

Electricity Q3 2022

  • Average quarterly Q3 2022 prices - 2nd highest in last 5 years, only below Q2 2022.

  • High Q3 prices made higher by contribution of July, while August, September prices have softened.

  • Prices in SA were the most volatile in Q3 in the NEM.

  • Record wind generation in August.

  • Average monthly base load outages reduced compared to Q2.

  • High price volatility in Q2 led to large reduction in futures volumes traded.

  • Futures prices came off the Q2 and July highs, but remain elevated.

  • Minimum Q3 demand records recorded in VIC and SA in September. While QLD sets maximum Q3 demand record in July.

Gas Q3 2022

  • Gas prices reduced significantly across August and September, however remained high historically, following unprecedented high prices over July.
  • Significant price variation events reduced significantly from the previous quarter, yet still exceeded all prior quarterly results.
  • In downstream markets, average prices ranged from $24.40/GJ in Victoria to $27.29/GJ in Adelaide.
  • Upstream, the average price at Wallumbilla was $28.03/GJ (day ahead exchange product).
  • Delivered quantities reached record levels over the quarter in the Gas Supply Hub.
  • Participation in the Day Ahead Auction exceeded last quarter’s record, with capacity won reaching 21.6 PJ.
  • Gas production levels remained similar to the previous quarter, while QSN link flows bought gas south from Queensland over July and August.