Wholesale statistics

The AER monitors the performance of wholesale electricity and gas markets and publishes data from that monitoring in reports such as the annual State of the Energy Market and Wholesale Markets Quarterly report. This page provides the key data series for these markets; the charts and tables, as well as underlying data, which can be downloaded.

Electricity outcomes for the Q4 2020 have been updated and highlights include:


  • Q4 2020 prices (VWA) were lowest in South Australia ($35/MWh) and Victoria ($40/MWh), followed by Queensland ($48/MWh) and Tasmania ($46/MWh), with the highest quarterly prices occurring in NSW ($71/MWh).
  • Prices exceeded $5000/MWh five times in NSW, increasing the quarterly price by $7/MWh.
  • South Australia was the cheapest region in the NEM for the first time since 2012.
  • Very low levels of demand and high renewable generation led to a record number of negative prices in South Australia and Victoria.
  • For the week starting 6 December, weekly prices fell to their lowest level ever in South Australia ($3/MWh) and second lowest level ever in Victoria ($14/MWh).
  • Victoria exported more energy in Q4 2020 than in any quarter since Q1 2017, particularly into NSW.




  • Average gas market prices were slightly up, ranging between $5.50-6.30 per GJ.
  • Northern market prices increase above southern market prices for the first time since Q3 2018.
  • Southerly QSN link flows changed direction to flow north in significant quantities.
  • Transportation auction legs purchased through the Day Ahead Auction remained high this quarter – 1,619 following a record last quarter (1,716).
  • Record Roma production and LNG exports occurred over consecutive months in Q4 2020.