Wholesale statistics

The AER monitors the performance of wholesale electricity and gas markets and publishes data from that monitoring in reports such as the annual State of the Energy Market and Wholesale Markets Quarterly report. This page provides the key data series' for these markets; the charts and tables, as well as underlying data that can be downloaded.

Highlights include:

Electricity Q3 2021

Quarterly spot prices, Q3 2021

  • Average quarterly spot prices (VWA) in Q3 2021 decreased in every region compared to Q2 2021, with prices ranging from $27/MWh in Tasmania to $90/MWh in Queensland.
  • The quarterly price in Tasmania was the lowest in any region since 2012.
  • There was a record number of negative prices in every region. In South Australia prices were negative 25% of the time and in Victoria it was 22%.


  • There was record quarterly wind output, which with increased hydro and solar output, displaced thermal generation.
  • Due to outages and increased wind and solar, black coal generation fell below 50% of total NEM output.


  • South Australia recorded its highest ever winter demand of over 2,600 MW and its lowest ever minimum demand.

FCAS costs in Q3 2021

  • Local FCAS costs in Queensland were a Q3 record high at $71m, contributing to over half of total FCAS costs of $130m.

Gas Q3 2021

  • Average downstream gas market prices in Adelaide , Brisbane, Sydney and Victoria increased significantly for the second quarter in a row ranging between $10.10/GJ - $11.51/GJ, setting new records in each market for Q3 2021.
  • The Adelaide Q3 2021 price was highest at $11.51/GJ, beating its previous record average price of $10.45/GJ in Q2 2019.
  • Record downstream quarterly prices were a result of high prices in July with prices reducing in all four markets to average under $10/GJ in both August and September.
  • Record upstream prices at the Wallumbilla Gas Supply Hub in July 2021 with an average day ahead exchange traded price of $16.20/GJ at the Wallumbilla trading point, but prices dropped off for the rest of the quarter in August and September ($8.45/GJ and $8.11/GJ respectively).
  • QSN link changed direction through the quarter flowing significant quantities of gas north in September after significant flows south in July.
  • There was record average daily East Coast production across Bulletin Board registered facilities in September of 5684 TJ/day.