Dispute management contacts - Gas

Dispute management contacts (DMC) 


Contact Title/Position Location  Email address
ActewAGL Peter Holden Legal Counsel and Board Secretary ACT E: peter.holden@actewagl.com.au
ActewAGL Ian Male (alternate) Manager Legal Compliance & Complaints ACT E: ian.male@actewagl.com.au
AEMO Brett Hausler EGM, Corporate Affairs & Company Secretary VIC E: brett.hausler@aemo.com.au
AEMO Evy Papadopoulos (alternate) Senior Manager Legal VIC E: evy.papadopoulos@aemo.com.au
AGL Energy George Foley Manager Gas Market Development VIC E: gfoley@agl.com.au
AGL Energy Samantha Roberts(alternate) Senior Corporate Lawyer VIC E: sroberts@agl.com.au
APA Facilities Management Paul Wheeldon Business Development Manager VIC E: paul.wheeldon@apa.com.au
APA Facilities Management  Alexandra Curran  (alternate) Manager Regulatory & Gas Market VIC E: alexandra.curran@apa.com.au
Aurora Energy Janelle O'Reilly Company Secretary / General Counsel TAS E: janelle.oreilly@auroraenergy.com.au
Aurora Energy Kate Bradshaw(alternate)   VIC E: kate.bradshaw@auroraenergy.com.au
Dispute Resoultion Adviser Shirli Kirschner   NSW E: shirli@resolveadvisors.com.au
Dodo Power and Gas Pty Ltd Andrew Mair Customer Operations Manager VIC E: dpg.disputes@dodo.com.au
EnergyAustralia  Nicholas Convery Executive Manager, Retail Regulation NSW E: nconvery@energy.com.au
Epic Energy Stephen Livens General Manager, Risk and Sustainability VIC E: stephen.livens@epic.com.au
Essential Energy David Mattson Group Manager Compliance NSW E: david.mattson@essentialenergy.com.au
Essential Energy Natalie Lindsay (alternate) General Manager Regulatory Affairs NSW E: natalie.lindsay@essentialenergy.com.au
Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd Johanna Boothey Manager VIC E: johanna.l.boothey@exxonmobil.com
Ifratil Energy Australia Justin Mulder Gas Markets Manager VIC E: justin.mulder@infratilenergy.com.au
Jemena Danielle Beinart Manager Regulatory Projects & Strategic Development - Regulatory Team VIC E: danielle.beinart@jemena.com.au
Multinet Verity Watson Manager Regulatory Strategy VIC E: verity.watson@ue.com.au
Multinet Andrew Schille (alternate) Regulatory Manager VIC E: andrew.schille@ue.com.au
Origin Energy Amanda Barnett   NSW E: amanda.barnett@originenergy.com.au
Red Energy Peter Goonan Market Analyst VIC E: peter.goonan@redenergy.com.au
Santos Ltd Peter Mitchley Group Executive Commercial and Marketing Excellence SA E: peter.mitchley@santos.com
Santos Ltd Mike Flynn(alternate) Manager Commercial Eastern Australian Business Unit SA E: mike.flynn@santos.com
Snowy Hydro Glen Dewing Company Secretary & Financial Accountant NSW E: glen.dewing@snowyhydro.com.au
Southern Natural Gas Developments Pty Ltd     VIC
TRUEnergy     VIC  
Victoria Electricity Pty Ltd Justin Mulder Gas Markets Manager VIC E: justin.mulder@infratilenergy.com.au
Visy Paper Pty Ltd Stewart Eastman Energy Administration Manager VIC E: stewart.eastman@visy.com.au