South Australia Public Lighting Dispute

On 2 May 2017, HWL Ebsworth wrote to the AER stating that it represented 61 local councils, and the Government of South Australia (the Public Lighting Customers (PLC)), in respect of an access dispute with South Australian Power Networks (SAPN). The PLCs requested that the AER determine the access dispute between the PLCs and SAPN under section 128 of the NEL. 

The AER set out a proposal for the scope of the access dispute on 22 June 2017 which the parties agreed to.

The process the AER undertook to make this determination is comprehensive and included an oral hearing, draft determination and opportunity for the parties to make submissions at each stage.


On 26 September 2019 the AER provided the disputing parties with its determination.

AER - Public lighting determination - 26 September 2019 ( PDF 1.14 MB )

Background documentation to determination

Sapare Research Group - Report on SAPN street lighting economic principles - 19 May 2018 ( PDF 378.84 KB )


Sapare Research Group - Modelling SAPN street lighting asset base and revenue - 22 January 2019 ( PDF 508.06 KB )

Sapare Research Group - Modelling results for final determination - September 2019 ( PDF 206.57 KB )

PTRM Model - January 2015 ( XLSX 1.45 MB )

SAPN RollForward and PTRM model ( XLSX 500.8 KB )