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Determinations and Access Arrangements

View all AER decisions on the maximum amount of revenue that electricity network businesses and gas pipelines can earn from consumers over a 5-year period.

Contingent projects

Decision type
We review and make revenue determinations on contingent project applications submitted by network businesses as part of their long-term investment plans.

Cost pass throughs

Decision type
Network service providers can apply to the AER to recover costs associated with events that are outside of their reasonable control.

Setting network revenue

Network revenue determinations, referred to as ‘resets’, are one of the key regulatory processes the AER undertakes to ensure consumers pay no more than necessary for safe and reliable energy.

Revenue determinations involve an extensive regulatory process in which we confirm how much an electricity distribution or transmission business can recover from consumers over a five-year period.

Regulated gas pipeline providers are also required to periodically submit a 5-year access arrangement to us for approval.