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Retail energy markets are the final link in the energy supply chain.

Energy retailers buy electricity and gas in wholesale markets, package it with transportation services and sell it to customers. 

We regulate retail energy markets in Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and South Australia, which are the states and territories that have adopted the National Energy Customer Framework. Within this framework are the National Energy Retail Law, Rules and Regulations that set out key protections and obligations for energy customers and their retailers.

The AER does not have a role in setting a retail company's energy prices. However, we are responsible for implementing an electricity price safety net, known as the Default Market Offer, in South Australia, New South Wales, and south-east Queensland.

In this section

Retail performance reporting

Energy retailers are required to provide a series of metrics that help us measure their position and performance in the market and energy affordability.

Retail compliance and enforcement

View our compliance and enforcement activities in retail energy markets including conducting compliance audits and approving customer hardship policies.

Retail guidelines and reviews

Our guidelines and reviews provide comprehensive and transparent instructions for retailers to comply with their obligations under energy retail law and rules.

Retail pricing and the Default Market Offer

Learn more about what is required from retailers on pricing, the default market offer and having better bills that help consumers participate in the market.

Customer hardship policies

Energy retailers must develop and maintain customer hardship policies to support customers with payment difficulties. We approve and monitor each policy.

Retail authorisations

Learn more about applying to become an energy retailer. View our public register of retail authorisations and applications for approval, transfer or surrender.

Retail exemptions

Find out about retail exemptions, how to apply to be an exempt seller, the different classes of exemptions and our public register of retail exemptions.

Retailer exit

We help to ensure the continuity of energy supply to customers when an energy retailer exits the market by administering the Retailer of Last Resort scheme.

Retail Reliability Obligation

Decision type
The Retailer Reliability Obligation helps ensure electricity market participants are preparing for and eliminating forecast reliability gaps before they occur.

Energy product reference data - Consumer Data Right

We are a designated data holder of generic energy plan data under Consumer Data Right rules.

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