Innovation in regulation

Australia’s energy markets are undergoing significant transition in the move away from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources.

Innovation is a key theme in our work to ensure that competition and consumers are supported through this energy transition.

Our approach is to start with a ‘yes’ in response to good ideas, new ways of working, collaboration and opportunities to be more efficient.

In this section

Towards energy equity

Learn how we are seeking ‘game-changer’ reforms to the way Australia’s energy system approaches vulnerability among consumers in an increasingly complex market.

Better resets handbook

We've outlined what we expect would be in a high-quality, consumer-centric network revenue proposal capable of early acceptance.

Better bills guideline

Learn about how we are making energy bills simpler and giving customers the ability to tell just by a quick glance whether they could be on a better offer.

Network tariff reform

Network tariff reform is aimed at allowing consumer energy resources such as solar PV and batteries to be integrated onto the grid as efficiently as possible.

Regulatory sandboxing – Energy innovation toolkit

Energy innovators can navigate the regulatory framework to trial products and ideas that will deliver greater choice and cheaper energy options for consumers.

NSW Renewable Energy Zones

The National Electricity Market's Integrated Systems Plan includes designated Renewable Energy Zones (REZs). We are the regulator for REZs in New South Wales.

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