Our approach to stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement can make a positive contribution at every stage of our decision-making process.

Getting input and insights, whether it be from businesses, government, consumer groups or an individual householder, provides greater transparency and predictability, and builds trust and confidence in Australia’s energy system.

It’s a vital part of our approach to regulation.

We consult with stakeholders on almost all major decisions. Our engagement approach includes:

  • Consultation documents, online forums, workshops and focus groups
  • Partnerships and advisory committees
  • Providing information through reports, fact sheets and project web pages.

More information is available in our Stakeholder Engagement Framework.

View the Stakeholder Engagement Framework

Consumer engagement panels

A major element of our stakeholder engagement is to ensure consumers’ voices are heard and considered in our work and decisions. 

The AER facilitates Consumer Engagement panels that bring a wealth of experience across consumer advocacy, engagement, economics, finance and regulatory decision-making.  

Customer Consultative Group (CCG)

A key source of consumer insights and intelligence where participating organisations and individuals have the opportunity to inform the AER about issues that impact the groups they represent.

Consumer Challenge Panel (CCP)

The Consumer Challenge Panel assists the AER to make better regulatory determinations by bringing in consumer perspectives that balance out the range of views we consider in our decisions.

Consumer Reference Group (CRG)

The Consumer Reference Group has most recently helped the AER in its consumer consultation process to develop the 2022 rate of return instrument. The group provided independent advice on consumer engagement and insights.