Accelerating the energy transition

Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM) is transitioning to a future where the majority of electricity generated is through renewable sources such as wind and solar. 

Renewable Energy Zones are being developed across the NEM and in some cases supported by state based regimes. The Australian Energy Market Operator’s Integrated System Plan (ISP) sets out for each state the identified areas where clusters of large-scale renewable energy projects could be developed.

New South Wales

The NSW Government has appointed us as the regulator of Renewable Energy Zone projects such as Central West Orana and the Waratah Super Battery.

Our REZ role in NSW

Find out more about the decision-making process for NSW Renewable Energy Zone projects and the AER’s role within them.

REZ Guidelines

REZ projects in NSW can be ‘contestable’ or ‘non-contestable’. View our guidelines for decision-making in both categories, and for the annual contribution determination.

REZ project revenue determinations

View all AER revenue determinations for the projects that make up NSW’s Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap. 

Contribution determinations

View our annual determinations on the costs that are to be recovered from NSW consumers.