What we aim to be 

Our organisational culture captures what we want people to say and feel when they talk about the AER.

We want the AER to be defined by the following attributes: 

  • We have an engaged workforce that is dedicated to our work, supported by our leaders, and we support each other. 
  • Diversity in all its forms is sought through all recruitment processes and diversity of views is sought in our decision-making.
  • Consumers are at the forefront of our decision-making.
  • We courageously share views and ideas to promote innovation and use our expertise to regularly find ways to improve our performance and learn and grow.
  • We start with ‘yes’ in response to ideas, new ways of working and opportunities to collaborate and be more efficient.
  • We all understand the organisation’s goals and objectives and how they align to our everyday work.

Our Culture Plan

The actions in our Culture Plan have been developed from ideas generated across the AER and insights learned through the Australian Public Service census and AER stakeholder survey.

The Culture Plan commits our organisation to being:

Accountable: We plan, prioritise and deliver what we agree to deliver. We are accountable, disciplined and transparent in our work.

Innovative: We try new things to improve, achieve outcomes and learn. We recognise that innovation can be big ideas or small incremental improvements.

One team: We work together to produce results. We do this by recognising the best in everyone and using our individual strengths to work as one. 

Stakeholder centric: We understand our stakeholders’ needs and use this to inform our decisions. We work in ways that meet our stakeholders’ needs, not just our own.

People first: We aim to be a great place to work. We recognise the value of our people and support them. We invest in building talent, engaging with our people and helping them to achieve their goals.

Greater good: We put consumers at the heart of everything we do to make them better off, now and in the future.