Public register of non-scheme pipeline exemptions

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Information disclosure requirements

Pipeline operators are required to publish information that shippers need to be able to make an informed decision about whether to seek access to a pipeline service.

The information helps shippers in commercial negotiations and assessing the reasonableness of offers made to access the non-scheme pipelines.

A service provider for a non-scheme pipeline must prepare, maintain and publish:

  • service and access information
  • standing terms
  • financial information
  • weighted average price information.

Our financial reporting guideline steps out the requirements for non-scheme pipelines. 

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From time-to-time we update our reporting template based on new accounting standards and requirements. 

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Compliance bulletin

Operators can refer to our compliance bulletin for information to assist in meeting the reporting requirements for non-scheme pipelines.

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Who can obtain an exemption from information disclosure?

Under the National Gas Rules (NGR), a gas pipeline service provider may apply to the AER for an exemption from the information disclosure framework where the pipeline satisfies the relevant exemption criteria.

The AER determines whether or not an exemption is granted. Once an exemption has been granted, details will be placed on the public register.

Exemptions may be granted subject to conditions and anyone may apply to the AER to have an exemption revoked.

Exemption categories

Category 1

Exemption from the obligation to publish information under Subdivision 1, Division 2 of Part 10 of the NGR, in relation to the pipeline.

Criteria: The pipeline is not a third-party access pipeline.

Category 2

Exemption from the obligation to publish financial information, historical demand information and a cost allocation methodology under rule 101D of the NGR.


The pipeline is a single user pipeline; OR

The pipeline is a transmission pipeline with a nameplate rating of less than 10 TJ/day; OR

The pipeline is a distribution pipeline with a maximum daily capacity of less than 10 TJ/day under normal operating conditions.

Exemption application form

To apply for a non-scheme pipeline exemption, or to vary or revoke an existing exemption, please complete the application form.

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