Compliance & Enforcement

The AER Compliance and Enforcement Priorities help guide our enforcement work and proactive compliance efforts, and also signal areas where we consider behaviour change in the market is required.

The priorities align with the objectives in the AER Strategic Plan 2020-25, specifically objectives 1-3, to:

  1. Protect vulnerable consumers, while enabling consumers to participate in energy markets.
  2. Effectively regulate competitive markets primarily through monitoring and reporting, and enforcement and compliance.
  3. Deliver efficient regulation of monopoly infrastructure while incentivising networks to become platforms for energy services.


The priorities should be read in conjunction with the AER Compliance and Enforcement Policy; which sets out how we approach our compliance and enforcement roles and functions in accordance with the national energy laws.

In addition to our work in priority areas, we will continue to act where there are serious issues impacting vulnerable consumers, including life support consumers, or to help shape new or emerging markets. We will continue to assess matters having regard to the compliance and enforcement factors in the policy and take action where justified. We will also progress important ongoing work in areas previously identified as priority areas.

Further information

More details about the above priorities can be found here:

AER Compliance & Enforcement Priorities 2021-22 ( PDF 59.52 KB )