2017 Review of Expected Inflation

We invite interested stakeholders to register their interest in participating in our upcoming review of our current method for estimating expected inflation.

Recently, the method for estimating expected inflation has been the subject of debate in our regulatory determinations. Expected inflation is an important parameter for modelling future revenues in both electricity and gas regulatory determinations and is applied uniformly across both sectors.  

Our method for estimating expected inflation is set out in the Post-Tax Revenue Model. In considering any changes to the model, it is important to hear stakeholders, understand and evaluate the issues that underpin change to better target a solution. We encourage stakeholders to engage with us, be heard and participate in developing solutions. We will also follow the consultation procedures set out in the National Electricity Rules when considering changes to the model.

We aim to release a discussion paper in early 2017 for stakeholder engagement submissions.

Register your interest

Interested stakeholders can register their interest and be kept informed of developments in this area by sending us an email at RateOfReturn@aer.gov.au.

Issued date: 
15 December 2016
AER reference: 
AC 125/16
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