AER access arrangement decision on Roma to Brisbane Gas Pipeline

The AER has published its access arrangement for the Roma to Brisbane Pipeline (RBP) for the period 1 September 2012 to 30 June 2017. An access arrangement specifies the terms and conditions (including tariffs) for using the pipeline. The approved access arrangement and associated access arrangement information are published with this decision.

The AER published its final decision for the RBP on 10 August 2012. In its final decision, the AER did not approve the revised access arrangement proposal from APT Petroleum Pipelines Pty Limited (APTPPL).

The National Gas Rules provides that if the AER’s final decision is to refuse to approve an access arrangement proposal then the AER must itself propose an access arrangement or revisions to the access arrangement. The AER must make a decision giving effect to its proposal within two months after the final decision.

The AER’s decision published today gives effect to the AER's proposed revisions to APTPPL's access arrangement proposal as set out in the AER's final decision.

Issued date: 
27 August 2012
AER reference: 
AC 069/12