AER appoints Consumer Challenge Panel members

The Australian Energy Regulator has today established its first Consumer Challenge Panel (CCP) to help ensure that decisions on network costs incorporate the interests of consumers.

The CCP is a panel of 13 experts—each appointed in their individual capacity—to advise the AER on the issues that are important to consumers as it assesses network businesses spending proposals.

The CCP forms part of our Better Regulation reform program and is a key component of the Council of Australian Governments’ energy reform agenda agreed to on 7 December 2012.

The 13 expert members of the CCP will sit within the AER and provide advice as part of the AER’s assessment of energy network businesses’ spending and regulatory proposals. CCP members have the distinct role of engaging with businesses’ proposals and advising the AER to ensure decisions reflect the long term interests of consumers.

These are technical and complex processes which can make it difficult for ordinary consumers and their representatives to participate. The members of the CCP will bring consumer perspectives and advice into the AER to better balance the range of views considered as part of these decisions.

CCP members have significant local and international expertise in economic regulation, energy networks and consumer representation. CCP members will be well placed to provide consumer perspectives that challenge network businesses’ spending proposals as well as how the AER approaches issues.

The AER has appointed thirteen members to the CCP for an initial three year term:

  • Ms Jo De Silva
  • Mr Hugh Grant
  • Mr David Headberry
  • Mr Mark Henley
  • Ms Bev Hughson
  • Mr Adrian Kemp
  • Ms Ruth Lavery
  • Mr Bob Lim
  • Ms Fiona McLeod
  • Mr Bruce Mountain
  • Dr Gillian Owen
  • Mr David Prins
  • Ms Robyn Robinson

Further information is available on the Consumer Challenge Panel page.

Issued date: 
1 July 2013
AER reference: 
AC 049/13