AER Position Paper - Regulatory Accounting Methodologies

The AER has released a position paper inviting comments from interested parties on two accounting approaches in relation to the recognition of the timing of capital expenditure in a transmission network service provider's regulatory asset base.

The AER's Statement of Regulatory Principles does not provide any guidance on this issue and the AER has previously provided flexibility in terms of an accounting approach that may be applied by the TNSP's. The AER's preliminary position based on an examination of the issues identified in the paper is to favour an "as-incurred" accounting approach that should be applied by all TNSP's.

Public comments close on Monday 17 October 2005 and the AER will consider these comments in informing its decision. The AER expects to make a decision no later than 25 November 2005.

Issued date: 
3 October 2005
AER reference: 
AC 002/05