AER publishes revised Retailer Authorisation Guideline

Under the National Energy Retail Law (Retail Law), businesses that want to sell energy and need a retailer authorisation, must apply to the AER. The Retailer Authorisation Guideline (the Guideline) is intended to support this role by assisting applicants to understand the process for obtaining an energy retailer authorisation. The Guideline also explains the processes for the transfer, surrender and revocation of retailer authorisations.

In October 2014, the AER invited stakeholders to provide submissions on proposed revisions to the Guideline. The revisions are intended to streamline the Guideline, simplify the introductory section and provide further details to applicants about the AER's assessment process.

On 18 December 2014 the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) published the revised Guideline and acoompanying Notice of Final Instrument. The Guideline and Notice of Final Instrument have been published in accordance with the retail consultation procedure set out in the National Energy Retail Rules.

Issued date: 
18 December 2014
AER reference: 
AC 212/14