AER releases final gas financial models

The AER has released template financial models that apply to future gas distribution and transmission access arrangement proposals. The financial models comprise of template roll forward models (RFMs) and post-tax revenue models (PTRMs) for distribution and transmission networks.

The preparation of template gas financial models is in accordance with the recent changes to the NGR regarding the regulation of covered pipelines. This rule change allows the AER to prepare and publish consistent financial models that service providers must use as part of the access arrangement review process to construct the capital base, and the total revenue calculated using the building block approach.

In accordance with rule 75A of the NGR, on 7 April 2020 the AER published:

  • Final decisions for the template RFM and PTRMs.
  • Final distribution and transmission PTRMs and associated handbooks.
  • Final distribution and transmission RFMs and associated depreciation tracking modules and handbooks.
  • Logs of detailed changes from the electricity models in preparing the gas models.
Issued date: 
7 April 2020
AER reference: 
AC 38/20
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