AER releases new electricity and gas bill benchmarks for residential customers

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has published updated electricity and gas consumption benchmarks for residential customers.

The benchmarks show how much energy households of different sizes use in local zones around Australia (except Western Australia).

Retailers are required to publish electricity benchmarks for the relevant local zone on residential customers’ bills so that customers can compare their electricity usage with similar households in their area. The benchmarks are based on survey data collected by consultants ACIL Allen.

The updated electricity benchmarks will take effect from 30 March 2018. Retailers will continue to include the current electricity benchmarks on customers’ bills until then.

Gas consumption benchmarks were developed in 2017 for the first time, to provide a corresponding tool for gas customers to compare consumption with similar households in their state and to estimate gas bills.

The benchmark figures have been published in an interactive spreadsheet that enables retailers and other users to see general benchmarks based on their postcode and household size, as well as benchmarks based on more detailed household factors.

The AER has also published:

  • ACIL Allen’s final report, explaining its methodology in calculating the benchmarks
  • ACIL Allen’s Smart Spreadsheet and user manual
  • ACIL Allen’s raw results of household surveys
  • The AER's updated guidance to energy retailers regarding benchmark data display on customers’ bills.

Under the National Energy Retail Rules the AER must update the benchmarks at least every three years. The previous benchmarks were published and provided to retailers in December 2014.

Issued date: 
12 December 2017
AER reference: 
AC 173/17
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