AER to seek views on replacement framework and approach papers for Queensland and SA network businesses

The AER has decided to replace the current framework and approach (F&A) papers that apply to Energex, Ergon Energy, SA Power Networks and Directlink for the 2020–25 regulatory control period. We expect to release preliminary replacement F&As in March 2018 and will commence consultation at that stage.

The F&A provides direction to a service provider on how certain aspects of its regulatory proposal should be framed. Stakeholder input on the F&A is important as the decisions made at this early stage will inform the businesses’ upcoming revenue determinations and influence the regulatory arrangements applying to the businesses well into the next decade.

The F&A deals with service classification (which services we will regulate), form of control (how we will set prices for regulated services) and incentive schemes that aim to encourage cost efficiency and maintenance of service standards, amongst other things.

We are keen to encourage stakeholder input on distribution service classification. We recommend interested parties subscribe to our website to receive email alerts about updates to the 2020-2025 Queensland and South Australian determination processes.

Issued date: 
18 December 2017
AER reference: 
AC 177/17