Dawson Valley Pipeline access arrangement - final decision

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released its final decision under the National Third Party Access Code for Natural Gas Pipeline Systems (code) with respect to the access arrangement proposed for the Dawson Valley Pipeline by Anglo Coal (Dawson) Limited, Anglo Coal (Dawson Management) Pty Ltd and Mitsui Moura Investment Pty Ltd.

The ACCC has now made its final decision pursuant to section 2.16(b)(i) of the code. The decision is to approve the revised access arrangement as lodged on 23 July 2007. The reasons for this decision are set out in the final decision document.

The media release in relation to this matter is attached.

Relevant documents are available from the Australian Energy Regulator’s website.

Issued date: 
23 August 2007
AER reference: 
AC 065/07