Draft decision on proposed approach to compliance and enforcement under the NECF

The National Energy Retail Law (South Australia) Bill proposes new roles for the AER in monitoring, investigating, enforcing and reporting on compliance by regulated entities with the new National Energy Customer Framework. To support these functions, the Bill provides wide ranging information gathering powers and requires the AER to produce compliance procedures and guidelines.

The AER has published its Draft Decision on its proposed approach to compliance and enforcement under the National Energy Customer Framework. The Draft Decision is accompanied by a Draft Statement of Approach and Draft Compliance Procedures and Guidelines. All three documents are available from the AER's website.

The AER invites written submissions on the Draft Decision, Statement of Approach and Compliance Procedures and Guidelines by 11 February 2011. Submissions should be sent to AERInquiry@aer.gov.au with subject title “Submission RE Retail Compliance Attn Christopher Streets’.

Submissions will be treated as public documents and placed on the AER’s website unless otherwise requested. For information regarding the use and disclosure of information, please refer to the ACCC–AER information policy: the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Information.

Issued date: 
2 December 2010
AER reference: 
AC 352/10