Gas Access Arrangement - Consolidation of access arrangements - Jemena Gas Networks (NSW) Ltd

Following a request from Jemena Gas Networks (NSW) Ltd (Jemena), the AER directs Jemena to consolidate the access arrangements for its four covered pipelines:

  • Wilton-Newcastle trunk pipeline
  • Wilton-Wollongong trunk pipeline
  • AGL NSW distribution system
  • AGL Central West distribution system.

Subject to the following conditions:

The consolidation remains in force until revoked by the AER

The service provider must separately prepare, maintain and keep information about the capital base of the:

(i) Wilton–Newcastle trunk pipeline
(ii) Wilton–Wollongong trunk pipeline
(iii) AGL NSW distribution system and AGL Central West distribution system.

The AER makes this direction under r. 53 of the National Gas Rules, which allows the AER to direct a service provider to submit a consolidated access arrangement proposal for two or more covered pipelines.

A copy of the request from Jemena, a submission made by Jemena, and a statement of reasons for the decision can be found on the AER’s website.

Issued date: 
12 June 2009
AER reference: 
AC 201/09