Gas Access Arrangement - Extension of time to submit revision proposals - Jemena Gas Networks (NSW) Ltd

Following a request from Jemena Gas Networks (NSW) Ltd (Jemena), the AER grants an extension of time for Jemena to submit a consolidated access arrangement revision proposal for its NSW gas networks (i.e. its four covered pipeline networks in NSW) for the period 2010 to 2015. The proposals were previously scheduled to be submitted on 30 June 2009, and are now due on or before 9.00 am A.E.S.T. on Wednesday 26 August 2009.

The AER grants this extension under r. 52 of the National Gas Rules, which allows the AER to extend the period for submitting an access arrangement proposal by a period of up to two (2) months.

A copy of the request from Jemena, and a statement of reasons for the decision can be found on the AER’s website.

Issued date: 
12 June 2009
AER reference: 
AC 200/09