Gas Weekly Report with new STTM section

The AER monitors and enforces compliance with the national energy framework, comprising both the National Electricity and Gas Laws and Rules.

In July 2009, the AER began publishing a Weekly Gas Market Analysis report covering the wholesale gas market in Victoria and the National Gas Market Bulletin Board. On 1 September 2010 the Short Term Trading Market (STTM) for gas began operation. The STTM is a market for the trading of natural gas at the wholesale level at defined hubs between pipelines and distribution systems. Currently the STTM has two hubs: Sydney and Adelaide.

In line with its responsibility for monitoring and enforcing compliance in the STTM, the AER has expanded its Weekly Gas Market Analysis report to include a new section on the STTM. The first expanded weekly gas report is attached and will be made available along with future weekly reports on the AER website. The report will develop over time and the nature of information presented will also evolve.

The AER welcomes feedback on the report from any interested parties. Feedback can be sent to: under the heading "Comments on Gas Weekly Report".

Issued date: 
15 September 2010
AER reference: 
AC 326/10