GasNet revised Access Arrangments - VENCorp Network Planning Reports

GasNet Australia Pty Ltd submitted proposed revisions (including supporting information) to its access arrangement for the Principal Transmission System (PTS) to the ACCC for approval under the National Third Party Access Code for Natural Gas Pipeline Systems on 30 April 2007. This supporting information includes network planning reports for the Principal Transmission System prepared by VENCorp in respect of GasNet's proposed capital expenditure augmentation program.

VENCorp's reports are now available from the AER's website. Copies may be requested by emailing or contacting Maria Djopa.

Interested parties are invited to make submissions to the ACCC on any issues relevant to these proposed revisions, including the VENCorp network planning reports by COB Friday 29 June 2007.

Issued date: 
8 June 2007
AER reference: 
AC 050/07
Maria Djopa 03 9290 1436