Guidance Note - Natural Gas Services Bulletin Board

New Gas Rules for reporting to the Natural Gas Services Bulletin Board commence from 30 September 2018.  The new rules will enhance the breadth and accuracy of information presented on the Gas Bulletin Board. Changes to Part 18 of the National Gas Rules will introduce new information reporting requirements for existing Bulletin Board participants and capture gas facilities previously exempt from reporting.  Importantly, the changes introduce civil penalty provisions concerning Bulletin Board registrations and the quality of information submitted to the Bulletin Board.

This Guidance Note outlines the Australia Energy Regulator’s (AERs) expectations around compliance with Part 18 of the Gas Rules.  It outlines the AER’s approach to enforcing compliance with Part 18 and offers guidance on the AER’s approach to assessing potential non-compliance under the new ‘information standard’ in the Gas Rules.

Compliance with Bulletin Board information reporting obligations is a priority area for the AER and we stress the importance of providing accurate and timely information to the market.  Through this Guidance Note, we seek to inform gas market participants of their reporting obligations and to help build a strong culture of reporting compliance.

Issued date: 
5 September 2018
AER reference: 
AC 111/18