New format for National Electricity Market weekly report

The AER is responsible for the regulation of the natural monopoly transmission and distribution sectors of the National Electricity Market, monitoring the wholesale electricity market and enforcing National Electricity Law and Rules.

A key feature of this regime is the monitoring and analysis of the behaviour of participants in the National Electricity Market. By monitoring activity and behaviour in the market, the AER is able to assess compliance and identify breaches of the Law and Rules. The AER’s monitoring of the wholesale electricity market includes:

  • maintaining a ‘market snapshot’ on the AER website, including up-to-date information on the wholesale electricity market;
  • weekly public reporting, including details of market outcomes for each week; and
  • preparing public reports when the spot price exceeds $5000/MWh.

Following stakeholder feedback, the AER is now publishing the Weekly Report in a new format. The streamlined Weekly Report includes information on the movements in the contract market, together with analysis of market outcomes and rebidding behaviour when spot price outcomes exceed three times the weekly average.

A copy of the new Weekly Report is available on the AER website, The AER website will continue to provide longer term statistics on National Electricity Market outcomes. If you would like to provide feedback on the new Weekly Report, please send an e-mail to

Issued date: 
19 February 2008
AER reference: 
AC 096/08