Rebidding and Technical Parameters Guideline

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has commenced consultation on a draft Rebidding and Technical Parameters Guideline. The draft Guideline covers several related areas associated with the bidding and rebidding of technical parameters, following the commencement of new Rules on 31 March 2009. First, in response to the new provisions surrounding the bidding and rebidding of technical parameters, it outlines the AER’s interpretation of these provisions and how it will monitor and enforce their compliance.

Second, with respect to rebidding more broadly, this Guideline replaces the existing ‘Rebidding: Guidelines on the disclosure of information’ published by the National Electricity Code Administrator in July 2001 and outlines the detail that must be contained in a rebid reason submitted to NEMMCO.

Finally, it fulfils a requirement in the Rules to publish a Guideline on the additional information that may be sought by the AER to verify and substantiate the brief, verifiable and specific reason that must be provided with bids and rebids.

A copy of the draft Guideline is attached below.

The process followed by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) will be as follows:

  • notice of commencement of consultation and invitation for submissions – 7 April 2009
  • publication of Draft Report and call for submissions - 17 July 2009
  • publication of AER’s final Guidelines September 2009.

The AER invites comments on this draft Guideline. Submissions can be sent electronically to: or by mail to:

Mr Tom Leuner
General Manager
AER – Markets Branch
GPO Box 520

Subject to any confidentiality claims, the AER is required by clause 8.9(g) of the Rules to make available to all consulted persons, on request, copies of any material submitted. Submissions received will be made available on the AER’s website. The closing date for submissions is Friday 15 May 2009.

Issued date: 
7 April 2009
AER reference: 
AC 181/09